Create the Logic for Advanced 3D Applications

The patent-pending visual storyboarding construct is used to rapidly create complex and multi-pathed, advanced 3D applications without coding.

Our clients are leveraging their instructional designers and subject-matter experts to build content with Modest3D that was previously only achievable by writing code.

Modest3D Editor Benefits
Rapid Development Framework

Create the logic for your 3D scenario within Editor without needing to write code or have animation expertise. Build content quickly and easily using the visual storyboarding process. Clients using our rapid development platform have reported a reduction of 60-80% in comparison to other software.

Create Reusable Content

Save sequences of logic as templates and create libraries of standard interactive sequences to be shared with the team. Reusing interactive sequences results in increased development efficiencies the more you use the software.

Create Multi-pathed Scenarios

The storyboarding creation process is rapid and simple and also has very robust features enabling the creation of non-linear, multi-pathed scenarios.

Tailored Complexity Modes

There are four complexity modes so that the shown functionality in Editor can be tailored based on the experience and skillset of the user. Any user can comfortably and easily develop 3D content.

Connect to Simulation Libraries

Using Editor you can connect simulation libraries to functional nodes in the storyboarder so that the simulation library feeds the Editor the appropriate simulation data.

Advanced In-tool Animation

Create complex animations for 2D and 3D objects and cameras within Editor using the 3D gizmos.

"Modest Tree is a proactive company focused on providing and updating excellent development tools. The team seeks feedback regularly and rapidly makes valuable improvements to products based on user feedback and requirements."
Chris Pedrick, CD, MEd
Canadian Forces Fleet School Quebec , National Defence

Top Questions about Modest3D Editor

Does Editor have SCORM and xAPI tracking capabilities?

Yes. You can use SCORM and xAPI nodes in Modest3D Editor to track your students. You can apply weightings to scoring and also randomly generate test scenarios.

What is the learning curve like to learn Modest3D Editor?

Modest3D Editor is the easiest to learn 3D content development platform on the market today. We offer a 3-day formal training course for practical, hands on learning.

Can I create my lesson in multiple languages?

Yes. Editor includes localization capabilities enabling lessons to be easily created in multiple languages.

Customized Demo of Editor
Let us show you the Editor in action and walk you through the full feature set.