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AUSA 2021
America's Army and its People,
Transforming for the Future


Join Modest Tree CEO, Sam Sannandeji, Executive Vice President of Global Business Development, Jenna Tuck and Charles Richer, Vice President of Business Development at AUSA 2021 in Washington, DC for the Annual Meeting and Exposition.


Accompanying RENK and Horstman as their digital solutions provider, book a meeting with our team to chat about digital twins, immersive remote training, and all things XR to learn how you can best prepare for future uncertainties.

The Association of the United States Army’s Annual Meeting is the largest land power exposition and professional development forum in North America. Taking place over three days, the Annual Meeting is designed to deliver the Army’s message by highlighting the capabilities of organizations and presenting a wide range of industry products and services. AUSA accomplishes this task throughout the entire event by providing informative and relevant presentations on the State-of-the-Army, panel discussions and seminars on pertinent military and national security subjects, and a variety of valuable networking events available to all that attend.


Attending DSEI 2021? Plan ahead and schedule your meeting with us!

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