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A Modular and Scalable Approach

Tech Companion is scalable and modular, enabling organizations to select the modules for their digital service hub and only purchase the modules their business needs.  It is an integrated digital hub for all maintenance and support tasks, integrated into your tech ecosystem to support all maintenance processes through providing access to all relevant data such as technical manuals, digital work instructions, training, remote support, and reporting.

Digital Workcards

Work Cards are operational and maintenance tasks lists based on records from the manufacturer’s manuals for streamlined service records, all from one platform. Technicians review Maintenance Documents and Procedures, Complete operational check-points and capture data. Digital Work Cards are automated based on the technical manuals meaning technicians easily adapt to Tech Companion with no steep learning curve.

Digital Workcard.png

Immersive Training

Immersive training helps technicians to visualize work instructions in a 3D step-by-step manner. Virtual work instructions guide technicians through complex procedures, reducing the need for expert advice and increasing first time fix rates.

Remote Support

Remote Support enables Technicians to easily contact experts or fellow technicians for guidance to examine, diagnose and prognose without the need to deploy specialists to the equipment location. With the chat, video calls and augmented reality markup tools, experts can guide field service technicians through unexpected issues, or review their procedures before sign off. With the ability to save images and share documents from the call, all details are kept in one place in an easy to finalize service report.

Remote Support.jpg

IoT and Digital Twin technology for sensor and vibration monitoring.

Image Categorization for AR object categorization and recognition and predictive AI.

Additional Data Ingestion Available

Modest Tree Asset Pipeline data ingestion technology.png
Asset Pipeline Condition Monitoring Data Modest Tree.png

Data Driven by Asset Pipeline

Asset Pipeline is leveraged as a core processing component for our technologies to enable our clients to have a data-driven training creation approach. Asset Pipeline is a proprietary digital framework that integrates artificial intelligence, machine learning, advanced algorithms, and external plugins that ingests,analyzes, processes and optimizes data from multiple sources to automate and dynamically create data optimized for use in our software.  All assets within Modest Tree solutions are maintained and managed by Asset Pipeline and training is directly tied to clients’ data ensuring data is always up to date.

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