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What are the hardware requirements to play VR?

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What VR headset systems can I find in the market?

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What are the methods of sourcing 3D models?

​​​​​​There are multiple methods of acquiring 3D models for the purpose of practical utilization in a 3D, VR or AR environment. It is common for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to own 3D data within their engineering or marketing departments. Modest Tree has developed methods of sourcing 3D data for clients that don't own 3D data. Learn more about it here.

XR: VR / AR / MR

What is virtual reality or VR?

We refer to viritual reality or VR to define a digitalized environment users can inmerse themselves into using a device (see tab 'Hardware' for more details on VR headsets).

What is augmented reality or AR?

Augmented reality (or AR) provides an enhanced version of a real enviorment where a digital overlay created with technology provides additional information to what is viewed through a device, like a smartphone.

What is mixed reality or MR?

Mixed reality (MR) is the result of generating a digital layer of information that is merged with a real environment that users can interact with in real-time. It can also be described as an enhanced version of AR, adding the physical interaction that defines VR.

What is extended reality or XR?

The combination of real environments and human-machine interactions generated by computer and wearable technology is defined as extended reality or XR.

It is considered an umbrella term that encompass VR, AR and XR technologies and will be extensively used to define all inmersive technologies in the future.

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