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October 22nd, Hosted on Distantly


For the second year in a row, Modest Tree is pleased to be hosting GameDev Atlantic on our full-scale virtual event hosting platform, Distantly.

GameDev Atlantic is a day-long conference for game development studios, students and individuals. With a variety of sessions and talks by industry leading professionals, Q&A and chat functionalities, as well as the ability to host private meetings and group talks, Distantly provides the perfect platform for attendees to participate, engage and connect with like-minded individuals. 

Modest Tree's Product Owner - Samantha Butler, and Manager of Simulation and Training Solutions - Hamza Ayaz, will also be presenting at this years event.


Sponsors include Modest Tree, Ubisoft Halifax, Alpha Dog Games | Bethesda, Gogii Games, and Consulat Général de France à Moncton et Halifax. To find out more about the event, visit the GameDev Atlantic website

Gamification in Key Industries - Samantha Butler, Product Owner

What is gamification? How can the addition of game elements into non-game activities create both new opportunities for business and for the future workforce? This discussion will focus on taking your skills beyond the gaming system and recognizing how they can be applied in new and exciting ways.

Engagement is at the core of gamification; you want users to be connected to the tasks they are working on and derive a level of utility for themselves. When it comes to training, learning comes from memorizing the correct steps and successfully applying   

Sam Butler headshot.JPG

them in a real-world scenario. Gamification allows us to adopt practices from game scenarios and apply them to training processes. Through these processes, we can allow users to experience training with the freedom of experimenting, working through problems, taking the wrong steps and experiencing the consequences within a gaming environment.

In this presentation we discuss the application of game development practices outside of the gaming system. We aim to have you reimagine how you can apply your skills and knowledge in innovative ways and help you expand your knowledge bank as a developer. We will focus on recognizing tools and knowledge paths and reapplying them to new scenarios. Consideration will be paid to rethinking the game engine, exploring pathways, comparative reward scenarios and engaging non-gamers in gamification. 

Hamza Ayaz.jpg

Ideation to Project Development - Hamza Ayaz, Manager of Simulation and Training Solutions

Think you have a great idea but don’t know how to take it further? This discussion focuses on taking an idea through the development phase. Emphasis will be on cultivating ideas to develop goals that will lead to the strategic development of whatever your project may be.

It can be exciting turning over an idea in your head, focusing on different angles, directions you can take and even scribbling it out on paper. But what do you do next? What processes do you follow to take something from your imagination and turn it into something exciting that other people want to engage with? This session will address the stages from creating an idea to getting it out the door. As you work through these processes you will encounter some unexpected challenges; understanding all the different ways you can get through a problem will make a huge difference for the ramp-up of new developers and QA personnel and help you get your project off the ground.

There is lots to keep track of during the stages of project development. We will introduce and discuss tools and best practices to help you on your journey and 

offer industry insight on development, engaging with clients and organizing work-flows to take a project to completion.

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