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Artificial Intelligence and it's Unlikely Use Cases

Artificial intelligence has been one of the tech buzzwords of the decade. The term saw a huge upsurge in popularity, according to Google trends, since early 2016. Although the more flashy applications have found their way into headlines, practical applications of artificial intelligence have been quietly supporting our daily lives for years. You can find AI in some pretty unlikely places.

In the Hospital

Early detection is key for the effective treatment for most diseases, and it seems AI is lending a helping hand. Breast cancer is one such disease, claiming 44,130 lives worldwide per year and according to the American Cancer Society, a high proportion of mammograms yield false results. In fact, 1 in 2 healthy women are mistakenly being told they have cancer when they do not.

This high volume of false positives leads to unneeded stress on the individual, as well as the health care system. Tests such as biopsies are being performed on healthy women, increasing the wait time for an individual who was correctly diagnosed.

That is where AI comes in. AI applications allow for 30% faster review and translation of mammograms with 99% accuracy. With the new use of AI, the patients who need treatment are receiving it faster.

On your doorstep

Have you ever ordered a package to your house just to have someone nab it when you weren’t home? Well AI can help with that too.

Ryder Damen, a tech social media influencer, decided to enlist the help of AI to stop porch pirates. Frustrated after having a package stolen right off his doorstep, Damen used a few simple components to make sure his mail was never stolen again.

The tech guru trained a custom AI program, TensorFlow, to recognize when a package was or was not present at his front door. This AI works with another program on Damen’s computer, and several strategically placed cameras to signal when a package is being stolen. Once the package has been taken the AI signals the alarms, sprinklers, and Damen’s other anti-theft measures to scare the would-be intruders away.

Image credit: Ryder Damen

This AI may not be saving lives exactly, but it is keeping our homes safer in the most entertaining way possible.

In the middle of the ocean

AI can pop up in the most unusual places, even in the middle of the ocean! Technicians working on long cross-sea trips are managing numerous pieces of complex machinery. Although technology has made it easier to access blueprints and schematics, Modest Tree thought they could do more.

Using AI, Modest Tree created Tech Companion, an integrated service-hub. The program centralizes data in a remotely accessible, intelligent and automated digital ecosystem. Everything you could need at your fingertips.

Using Microsoft's Hololens, Tech Companion’s AI harnesses AR categorization, image and object recognition, and image markup and categorization to assist technicians with anything they need.

Although it’s no Iron Man’s Jarvis, Tech Companion brings vital information to technicians exactly when and where they need it.

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