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The Application of Virtual Reality in the Corporate World

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Virtual reality is being adopted by more and more companies to transform and support training, marketing, and communications with a high ROI.

How can your organization grow and benefit from reduced training costs, increased visualization in marketing efforts, and remote collaboration to convey ideas visually and spatially?

Modest Tree's own Julia Pelton breaks down the pros of utilizing virtual reality in the corporate world for Training Industry Magazine.

"Organizations continue to adopt virtual reality (VR) as familiarity increases, cost reduces and software advances. With advancements in VR and increasing familiarity among consumers, companies now have the ability to use VR to transform and support their training, marketing and communications with a high return on investment. The adoption if VR technologies and applications for organizations are increasing significantly."

Read more and understand VR's abilities and advantages in the corporate world here.

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