4 Benefits of Modest Tree's XR Training Creation Process

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Do you want to know what the process for creating immersive training in extended reality looks like? What happens between handing the 3D model over and having your immersive training for virtual or augmented reality delivered?

There’s a reason the comprehensive XR creation and management system we use here at Modest Tree is more effective and beneficial to your enterprise goals than the traditional methods.

Let’s take a step-by-step look at how the process works:

Step 1: 3D Model Handover

In the traditional process, 3D models are either delivered to a subcontractor or to an in-house development team.

Working with us, 3D models are delivered to Modest Tree through a secure portal following Secure File Transfer protocols.

Step 2: Model Conversion

The traditional process is individualistic, meaning each model has to be manually converted into the format needed for each lesson by a modeller. The resulting final model will not be compatible for multiplatform use.

Modest Tree follows an automated, machine-driven process that quickly converts and optimizes models for us on AR, VR, PC, and mobile.

The traditional model conversion process (gray) can last from 8 to 12 weeks, but working with the automated process that Modest Tree (green) follows, conversion only takes between 30 minutes to 4 weeks.

Step 3: Individual Training Creation

In the traditional process of creating immersive training, a programming team is required to build each lesson using complex code and without consulting training creation experts.

The team at Modest Tree works with your subject matter experts to design effective training lessons that achieve training objectives with an integrated learning management system (LMS).

Traditionally (gray), the process of training creation can take an additional 8 to 12 weeks, but the Modest Tree (green) team can create training applications in just 3 hours to 3 days.

Step 4: Handover to Client

When it’s time to deliver the training project, the traditional process requires manual distribution to different platforms and locations.

With Modest Tree, completed lessons are delivered on a central delivery platform where they are accessible to multiple trainers for collaborative learning across different devices and geographic locations.

Step 5: Training Changes

With the traditional process, updates to models have to be manually configured, and each lesson has to be manually updated by the internal development team or subcontractor, adding up to the overall cost.

Modest Tree implements a system where updates to models are easily integrated across all lessons with version control management. The software used doesn’t require coding skills, so trainers can update and create new training without a team of developers, saving time and costs.

The process to request changes on your training traditionally (gray) could take from 4 days to 4 weeks, but with Modest Tree (green), changes can be applied to all lessons in just 1 minute to 1 day.

4 Challenges of the Traditional XR Training Creation Process

  1. Manual model conversion absorbs time, costs, and makes reuse of work difficult.

  2. Requiring coding skills limits the ability to create and modify lessons.

  3. The lack of a central delivery platform complicates distribution and version management.

  4. A complex update process increases overall costs.

4 Reasons to Choose Modest Tree for your XR Training Creation Process

  1. The automated model conversion process saves time, cost, and enables easy reuse of work.

  2. Training creation that doesn’t require coding allows trainers to adapt and create their own lessons independently.

  3. A central delivery platform enables distribution to multiple sites with version control management.

  4. Updates can be made across all trainings, all at once.


Cable Inspection simulation designed by Modest Tree for Jazz Aviation LP to mimic the actual inspections of the Aileron Cables in the Jazz Q400 Aircraft in a safe environment (YouTube)

Start working with Modest Tree today for more efficient and adaptable immersive training solutions for your enterprise. Contact us for more details, and download our Modest3D Xplorer app, a user-friendly presentation creation software for building interactive 3D presentations, publishable to PC, VR, mobile, or iOS, to see a sample of the results for yourself.

Find Xplorer on Google Play (Android) and the App Store (iOS), and book a demo for a walk-through of the full Modest3D Suite feature set.


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