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"How to Start Seeing the Benefits of Your Digital Future Today"

Thursday October 7th, 2:30pm-2:50pm

Charlie Richer

What would a training procedure or maintenance process look like if all data was connected in a lifecycle that carried through content creation, change management, courseware building, maintenance reporting, and more? What if you could automate the process of converting industry data into immersive and remotely accessible training modules? What does it mean for an organization to be "digitalized"?


Join Modest Tree’s Vice President of Business Development, Charles Richer, as he discusses how defence organizations can implement and start benefiting from a data-centric and digitalized infrastructure.

Bringing in  just under 22 years of service in CAF and 14 years of consultation experience, Charles leads the development of a strong, vibrant client base for Modest Tree. His unique set of industry knowledge and perspective help the company as it continues to grow and evolve. Continued pursuit of a Master in Adult Education, coupled with an MBA in marketing and business management, merges with his industry experience to provide a diverse academic and experiential background. This knowledge base informs him as he continues to help the Modest Tree team pursue bleeding edge technology with the mission to resolve challenges for industry clients.

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