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VRARA Global Summit 2021

“The time is now”


"Building an Enterprise for the Future"

June 2 - 4, 2021 (Online Event)

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We are on the doorstep of the fourth industrial revolution, and nothing has made the need for this revolution more top-of-mind than the current pandemic. The technology to support industries in their transition to a digitalized, AR, VR, XR, and virtual-enabled infrastructure is here already, but most organizations already know that there is a seemingly endless world of potential out there in the hands of new and ever-progressing technologies. Where a lot of organizations run into challenges is in building a strategy for digital integration that is forward-thinking enough to be able to expand with growing technological developments, and with the changing needs of the company. Successfully digitalized organizations aren’t just investing in one-off technologies that become outdated as soon as their organizational processes change or at the release of the newest headset; they are investing in their digital infrastructure as part of a digitalization strategy that is “future-proofed” in the sense that it can scale with and adapt to tomorrow’s changes easily and cost effectively, enabling organizations to become as resilient and agile as they need to be.

In this presentation, I will discuss the barriers-to-entry many organizations encounter that prevent them from adopting technologies they already know can be useful to their internal processes, as well as the strategies these organizations can employ to ensure that the investments they do make will actually result in adaptable solutions that are able to scale with the company’s success.

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Watch Sam Sannandeji - CEO, and Laura Bohnert - Director of PR & Marketing as they discuss how organizations can benefit from data that is properly connected, in their recent two-part presentation "Everything is Connected - or is it?"


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