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Award-winning software to create 3D interactive applications and a full-service team specializing in creating innovative game-based, augmented and virtual reality applications.

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Modelling & Simulation

3D Modelling

Create and optimize of 3D models for use in interactive applications. Experienced in optimization for mobile platforms, augmented and virtual reality.


Bringing 3D content to life. Our skilled animators can replicate complex movements of mechanical processes, avatars and more with high visual quality and detail.

Model Conversion

Utilize your existing 3D models in new ways, customizing your models into training and mobile ready high-quality, photo-realistic 3D models.


Develop customized simulations to connect into your training applications. Our development team develops custom simulators and is experienced in connecting simulation libraries into our training applications.

Mobile Solutions

We have the specific skills to develop high-fidelity game-based training that is optimized for deployment across multiple platforms (tablet, phone etc).

Games, Augmented & Virtual Reality

Serious Games

Transforming the learning experience using high-caliber games that are intuitive and immersive, with measurable knowledge retention.

Augmented Reality

Our advanced augmented reality offerings provide innovative training and marketing applications that are purposeful and highly engaging. We collaborate and create high quality augmented reality experiences for the most complicated workflows.

Virtual Reality

Our advanced training and game development team create highly engaging, virtual reality experiences that are tailored to meet our client’s training requirements.



The patent-pending visual storyboarding construct is used to rapidly create complex and multi-pathed, advanced 3D applications without coding or animation expertise.


A content development platform to rapidly create virtual reality experiences for marketing and training without coding.


Streamlined collaboration on all your Modest3D Projects. Tailor accessibility, manage content and access at every stage of the development process.


Make rapid adjustments to your model and scene for seamless integration into the Modest3D software Suite. Change pivot points, add lighting and customize your model for memory and speed optimization.

What We Provide

Developing game-based, augmented and virtual reality applications to achieve engaging and immersive experiences.

Advanced 3D Solution Services

We develop highly customized, engaging 3D applications to serve our client's training and marketing needs.

We provide realistic and immersive applications, drawing upon our expertise in creating serious games, virtual and augmented reality applications. We deliver engaging training and experiences that learners demand, while addressing a measurable business need.


Modest3D Software

Our award winning Modest3D software suite provides all the tools to create the logic for a 3D training or marketing application. Purpose-built for non-programmers. The Modest3D suite requires no coding or animation expertise to develop advanced, interactive 3D applications.


What is it like to work with us?

Experts in Augmented & Virtual Reality

Leaders in creating complex augmented and virtual reality applications for training and marketing with a robust portfolio of clients and advanced applications to demonstrate.

Leading in 3D Training Innovation

We are proud to be the creators of the patent pending Modest3D suite to rapidly create 3D interactive training applications.

Award winning in Training & Simulation

Modest Tree has received numerous industry accolades as a leading training and simulation company and is known as a technology leader.

Full Suite of Training Services

Providing a full suite of training services, from instructional design, to software development, modeling and development of advanced training applications.

Collaborative Approach

We seek to understand our clients and their training needs intensely, working together to develop advanced applications that delivers on addressing a business need while wowing the learner.

Trusted R&D Partner

We have extensive experience in research and developments efforts focusing on advanced 3D technologies to solve complex training issues.


Chosen by many businesses in Industry, Military and Aviation.

Jazz Cable Inspection

This is a virtual reality scenario developed for Jazz Aviation to provide maitenance training on cable inspection procedures.

Lambda Guard Flight Simulation

This is a virtual reality solution to visualize the impact of laser attacks.

Air Marshaling Virtual Trainer

This is a demonstration of a trainer that is deployed in the Canadian Air Force to provide instruction.

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