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DND Acquires Enterprise-Wide Modest3D Licenses to Support Development of Remote Immersive Training

Canada - August 18, 2020 Modest Tree, a global software developer of advanced immersive military training applications, is helping the Canadian Department of National Defence (DND) to achieve another training milestone through the acquisition of enterprise-wide Modest3D licenses for remote immersive training.

Modest Tree’s enterprise-wide licenses will provide DND with interdepartmental access to advanced immersive training technology for all DND personnel and in all of DND’s training schools across the four arms of DND: Navy, Army, Air Force, and Special Forces. This latest engagement enables Modest Tree to provide a deeper level of support to DND, accelerating the initiative to modernize and enhance training operations through the remote 3D and immersive training applications.

“Leveraging the most advanced training technologies is part of the strategic objectives within DND to modernize the current system, methodology, and approach to training,” says Bill Railer,Director of the Enhanced Performance Innovation Centre (EPIC) and Military Personnel Generation Group (MPGG), at the Department of National Defence. “By incorporating the Modest3D Suite into our learning processes, we gain access to the highly interactive 3D training and remote support capabilities we need to meet our goals.”

DND has been engaged with Modest Tree since 2014 and continues to leverage Modest3D software as the platform of choice to support the advancement of their training transformation, and to fulfill the military’s mandate to implement leading-edge technology that can be adapted for use and easily deployed to fulfill all military objectives.

Used widely by global enterprise clients across manufacturing, defence, automotive, and healthcare industries, the Modest3D software suite was specifically designed to enable the rapid and secure development and deployment of immersive training and remote support. Modest3D Suite enables cross-platform and multiplayer collaboration, providing personnel access to 3D assets and immersive training applications from anywhere, anytime, on their available PCs, VR headsets, or mobile (Android and iOS) devices.

As COVID-19 has underscored the requirements for remote training and centralization of assets and training scenarios, Modest Tree is well positioned to support the immersive training rollout of remote training to all personnel across all arms of DND.


About Modest Tree:

An award-winning modeling, training, and simulation company, Modest Tree uses innovative software to provide rapid development and streamlined delivery of 3D immersive training and client engagement solutions. Modest Tree’s award-winning software is used internationally by OEMs and defence leaders to enable remote collaboration from any device.

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