We provide a wealth of experience in 3D modelling, courseware development and data-driven solutions utilizing the latest technologies. From providing expert advice on digital strategies to developing courseware and supporting the visualization of your equipment for training and maintenance, Modest Tree helps enterprise organizations transform their operations. Our solutions can support all stages of an asset’s lifecycle一from design to development, delivery, training, maintenance, and after-sales support to solve complex challenges across multiple divisions.

3D asset creation & Optimization

We work with what our clients have available to either create their models from available data or optimize and update their existing 3D models. We offer extensive modeling services to create highly realistic and optimized 3D models of your equipment and machines for your operational and maintenance training needs. Our expertise lies in a wide range of 3D modeling services from custom 3D Model creation, 3D modeling from engineering or marketing data, optimization for various platforms to conversion of legacy models.  Modest Tree utilizes a proprietary optimization process, reducing the time needed for manual 3D design work and creating realistic and true-to-physics 3D models and environments for use in training and simulations that meet the client’s core objectives.


We offer full lifecycle creation of novel modelling content from research (including 3D scanning, image capture, etc.) to render and delivery. With over a decade of expertise, we have refined our 3D modelling processes for efficiency and precision. We create 3D models utilizing engineering data, images, videos, and client documentation with the high level of fidelity required to meet our customers’ training and simulation objectives. Using the latest 3D modelling tools and techniques we create environments and 3D models that are photo-realistic, accurate digital twins of complex assets and their components for training and simulation purposes.

OPTIMIZATION of legacy 3d models

Using proprietary in-house software, Modest Tree can optimize existing 3D models for efficient use on the platform of choice. Legacy 3D voxel models often represent a significant investment that cannot effectively be capitalized for use in any next-generation applications (such as VR, AR, mobile, tablet, etc.) due to the heavy burden on the CPU, resulting in lengthy load times and required third-party plug-ins. It is well documented that 3D mesh models offer a superior, more realistic alternative with improved image quality, higher fidelity, easier processing, and compatibility with any 3D software (including use in VR and AR applications). Our proprietary, in-house software can provide a more cost-effective alternative to investment in replacement models by instead enabling the conversion of existing models into a format compatible with today’s requirements.

IMMERSIVE operational and maintenance training

We provide simulation and visualization services for visually stunning, interactive, and highly engaging immersive content that is platform agnostic (VR/AR/3D/PC/Mobile) and multiplayer. Our unique capabilities and extensive experience with game-based technologies enable us to provide visualization of equipment, and immersive training for step-by-step training, maintenance, and procedural training for projects, competency checks, safety training, and more—all of which support multiplayer, cross-play, encrypted communications, and modular evolution.


Our software tools and custom solutions deploy to desktop, mobile, mobile-AR, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, providing a wealth of flexibility on delivery. We provide enterprise-ready software tools to support the standardization, creation and distribution of immersive training. Our technology allows client’s subject matter experts to create their own XR lessons in a visual creation process while providing the ability to update and deploy training rapidly and without high development costs in order to train their staff in the way that best accommodates the organization’s needs. Our expertise is in the creation of XR applications for operational and maintenance procedures, as well as for familiarization training on products or systems. Our XR training is reusable, adaptable, and scalable for instructor-led and self-paced training.


Our technical team has extensive experience creating complex, interactive task trainers that allow for training applications to accurately demonstrate real-world processes in safe, controlled environments that capture the learners’ attention. As an established provider of products and services for Defense agencies and global manufacturers, in combination with the experience in military training, contracting, and project management of our personnel — Modest Tree is able to develop a wide variety of training solutions ranging from simulators to part task trainers and immersive learning courseware for any need.

Digitilization of Maintenance and Operations

Modest Tree specializes in the development and delivery of immersive, virtual, integrated, and data-driven products and services to support the modernization of training and maintenance processes. We have worked with global service providers to digitalize their maintenance processes by leveraging existing operational assets (technical manuals on equipment, forms, etc) and to digitalize and centralize these, transforming how maintenance activities are conducted.

We focus on the modernization of maintenance, knowledge transfer support and profitability through digital tools to increase workforce efficiency, reduce downtime, and boost profitability. Our digital twins integrate with client enterprise data and leverage visualization technology, including augmented reality and virtual reality, to contextualize data, train staff and inform decision-making.

Dataset API Connectivity & Data Integration

We use IoT connectivity to improve efficiency and increase revenues for clients through connecting data, machines, technicians and processes. We have extensive experience in the creation of IoT ecosystems to monitor and analyze data for real-time insights through reliability of information that accelerates secure, scalable innovations for operations. We facilitate connections of live and historical/legacy data sources for real-time insights.

Digital Strategy Consulting

Modest Tree provides Digital Strategy services to Government and Industry clients around the globe.  Our approach is unique in the market as we focus exclusively on the development of actionable Digital Strategies that leverage existing and proven technologies to digitalize your organization’s communications, collaboration,  training, maintenance and sales processes.   Our approach is informed by ten years of experience supporting the digitalization needs of our military, automotive, and manufacturing clients for scale.


Modest Tree has extensive experience in servicing global enterprise clients within aerospace, manufacturing, defense and healthcare. Our expertise is trusted and demonstrated through our history of providing global industry leaders with consultations, services, and digital tools to accelerate Enterprise training and operational intelligence.


We develop custom solutions and use our expertise to help clients implement our technologies to ensure full benefit for our clients. We take a collaborative approach to address each clients unique needs and leverage our years of experience working with leading industrial firms in defence, industrial manufacturing, automotive and aerospace, to help organizations visualize their physical products and processes, deliver virtual training, and continually optimize their operations.

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