Immersive Training

The Next Evolution in Industrial XR Training & Visualization

Turn Your Industrial Expertise Into Immersive, Hands-On Training and Visualizations.

Xplorer XR Presentations

With robust and intuitive features, Xplorer puts the power to create interactive XR presentations back into the hands of the subject matter experts – you. By allowing you to apply simple, drag-and-drop features to your own content, Xplorer enables you to build visually stunning, interactive, and highly engaging demonstrations of your equipment for any platform, simply, quickly, cost-effectively, and with minimal time-to-field.

XR Training Content

Xplorer was purpose-built to put the power to create and update interactive and engaging XR training lessons into the hands of the subject matter experts who can design that training the best – you. Quickly and easily build interactive lessons in a virtual 3D environment. Showcase important internal parts and interconnected systems without having to dismantle physical equipment. Allow learners to experience collaborative training from different platforms simultaneously and safely.

XR Product assembly

Whether you are looking for an interactive product assembly that you can share with clients remotely, a virtual training you can guide your prospective clients through, or a way to allow clients to interact with complex products remotely or in person , Xplorer is the leading tool for allowing you to create the XR Platform you need, quickly, easily, and with the level of immersion and interactivity you need delivered to any device and in any format (Desktop, VR, AR, immersive 2D, and more).

Why Xplorer?

Cut Costs, Not Corners

Develop XR experiences at a fraction of the cost and time, without sacrificing quality. Ideal for lean organizations and rapid deployment scenarios.

Fluid, Flexible, Future-Proof

Your procedures and equipment evolve; so should your training material. Xplorer makes it easy to update and adapt content as quickly as the real world changes

Device-Agnostic, World-Ready

Unparalleled Multiplayer Compatibility to equip your global workforce with uniform training and visualization experiences, irrespective of location or device

Unlock Unprecedented Training Potential with Xplorer and Tech Companion Integration

Seamless Experience: Transition effortlessly between operational tasks in Tech Companion and immersive training modules in Xplorer. 

One Dashboard to Rule Them All: View real-time updates on training, operational metrics, and maintenance schedules without having to switch platforms.

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seamless content creation

Drag-and-Drop Interface

No need for coding expertise— our user-friendly interface is designed for everyone.

Expand Mode

Provide an unparalleled understanding of complex products by fully expanding and collapsing models on varying axes.

Real-Time Interactivity

Multiplayer Experience

Collaborate in a truly global classroom setting or within specialized training programs, regardless of device or location.


Trigger animated state changes to show how object components interact, system functionality, and to allow users to interact with key product features.

3D Labels

Attach labels to objects or object components, viewable in a 3D environment, to highlight key details, and identify components or features.

Hit Points

Add interactive markers to objects or anchored in your 3D environment to provide information and trigger actions, animations, or state changes.

Operational Efficiency


Manage and track different versions of your content effortlessly.


Deploy your content across different platforms with a single click, ensuring a consistent training experience.

Enhanced User Experience

Avatar Customization

Express your unique identity in the training environment with personalized avatars.


Navigate your way effortlessly through our newly designed, user-friendly interface.

Access Xplorer

For Content Creators:
Xplorer Creator

Craft Immersive Experiences, No Coding Required

For Subject Matter Experts, Instructors, and Content Creators 

Quick Creation, Long-Term Impact

Develop courses or visualization modules in minutes, not months, without compromising on depth or detail.

Asset Versatility

Use what you already have. Import existing 3D models, manuals, audio clips, and even PowerPoint slides to enrich your modules.

Storytelling Tools for Complex Narrative

Utilize our advanced features to turn static information into dynamic stories. Animate machinery, label components, and add state changes to simulate real-world conditions.

For End Users: Xplorer Player

Making Learning & Visualization as Real as It Gets

For Technicians, Maintainers, and Military Personnel

On-Demand Training

Access the same high-quality training, whether you're in the field or in the base, online or offline.

Comprehensive Analytics

Integrate with existing Learning Management Systems to track performance metrics, ensuring that training objectives are met.

Real-world Relevance

Train in environments that mimic real-world conditions. Understand the inner workings of machinery, emergency protocols, or military equipment before you even lay a hand on them.

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