The Future of Operational Sustainability

Tech Companion is a software platform for technicians who operate and maintain complex assets providing them with a single-access point for all enterprise data.  It brings together digitalized work instructions, 3D visualizations of procedures and AR enabled remote support.


The Difference

Tech Companion is a cutting-edge maintenance software that transforms workflows through digitized workcards and advanced analytics. Seamlessly integrating data-driven maintenance manuals with immersive 3D training, it enhances technician preparedness and efficiency.


As an integrated and unified digital platform, Tech Companion transforms operations and maintenance of complex equipment, integrating with client’s existing tech ecosystems and their data and forms a digital hub for technicians and operators with single-access point for all enterprise-data relevant to the maintenance and operations of physical equipment.

Tech Companion is secure, scalable, flexible and able to be customized to meet specific requirements of our clients.

Harness your data enterprise-wide for use to gain untapped efficiencies and insights.

Through our data ingestion pipeline technology we can process any company technical manual, convert it to XML and then create digitalized work instructions that enable clients to view a visualized 3D work instruction for their maintenance or procedural tasks for incredible efficiency in significant reduction of this normally intensive manual process.

The digital service hub is customizable based on your organization’s data requirements, enabling flexibility and efficiency in your organization’s delivery of service.


By centralizing all maintenance data and tasks in a digital format, Tech Companion significantly reduces asset downtime and boosts operational efficiency.


With Tech Companion, pertinent knowledge is delivered right on-site, improving technician efficiency and shortening the time required for troubleshooting and maintenance.


Tech Companion’s intelligent and automated system provides robust and user-friendly data structures. This simplifies data analysis, aiding in the development of effective predictive maintenance strategies.


Facilitating global collaboration, Tech Companion unifies key processes, connecting employees, experts, and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) into a single system.

Not just a tool but a transformative force driving the future of maintenance practices

Digitilization of maintenance processes

Tech Companion is not just a tool, its unique-data-centric approach makes it a transformative force driving the future of maintenance practices.  Tech Companion transforms workflows by seamlessly integrating data-driven maintenance manuals with immersive 3D training for enhanced technician preparedness and efficiency. Tech Companion’s advanced analytics, secure collaboration and digitized workflows create new ways for businesses to improve productivity, enhance quality and create safer work environments.

Tech Companion Modest Tree Connected Worker platform for digitilization of service and maintenance

A cohesive, unified platform for CONNECTED DATA AND WORKERS

Connect enterprise data, processes and global teams in a cohesive application. Tech Companion’s modules are accessible to multiple users simultaneously through a single interface where they can access training to support their task and in the same platform receive tablet-based AR remote support and access their digital work card to view their task list.

Accessibilty of task-level information

Launch digital tasks, workcards, and manuals with all information readily available in easy to access and visual formats.

Visual clarity

Visual interactive content for greater clarity to drive learning, knowledge retention and accuracy in task completion

Ease of Adoption

Rapid knowledge transfer is enabled through a dynamic and intuitive UI. Digital Workcards and Smartforms are designed for ease of use and accessibility on tablets, phone, desktop etc.

Unified System for Reporting

Compliance sign-offs are available within a unified, digital system that includes analytics reporting on maintenance card completion including comments, notes, photos, mark-ups etc.

Current & consistent content

Digital records tied to your technical data ensure access to current and consistency of service-level information

Optimized Workflows and Efficiency

Manage, maintain, and optimize maintenance tasks while driving efficiency through task-level guidance training.

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Access digitized and visualized versions of technical manuals used during maintenance procedures. With Smart Forms, create detailed service reports, fostering enhanced knowledge transfer.

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TC 3D Training


Experience interactive and immersive 3D lessons and training modules. Bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical execution.


Uninterrupted assistance during tasks with remote support capabilities, including voice, video, and chat communication.  Never feel stranded during a maintenance task. Communicate with remote experts and collaborate with other technicians to readily receive help.

Remote Support 2

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Key features

Centralized Data Repository

Tech Companion serves as a consolidated data hub that stores and manages both historical and current task data, training materials, service reports, parts ordering, and remote support.

Digitization and Categorization of Data

Tech Companion organizes and digitalizes all relevant data, making it easily accessible for service and maintenance tasks.

Technical Manual Access

Tech Companion integrates access to technical manuals and 3D maintenance lessons in Modest Tree Xplorer, facilitating a more in-depth understanding of complex maintenance procedures.

REmote support

Tech Companion enables secure multi-user remote support, including voice, video, and text communication. It also includes 3D mesh annotation capabilities.

Service Reports

Tech Companion simplifies the process of creating service reports by allowing for the addition of comments, notes, photos, and mark-ups.

Analytics Reporting

Tech Companion incorporates analytical reports on maintenance tasks to provide valuable insights and improve decision-making.

Cross-platform and Cross-device Support

Tech Companion is a highly flexible solution that can be used across various platforms (Android, iOS, desktop, and Windows) and devices, including Mixed Reality/Head-Mounted Display devices.

Integration of Key Processes

Tech Companion unifies key processes like remote support calls, parts ordering, launching digital tasks, real-time asset monitoring, analytics reporting, and compliance sign-offs into one digital system.

Digital Twins Technology

Tech Companion's digital twin environment enables real-time monitoring and simulation of physical assets for optimized maintenance strategies and predictive analysis.

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data driven & integrated technology

MT-AP-mockup RVM-no asset


Our asset pipeline technology is a digital framework that is a proprietary plugin-based platform that integrates artificial intelligence, machine learning, advanced algorithms and external plugins to analyze inputs, intelligently optimize 3D assets for each selected output and dynamically create interactive training lessons. It automates creation through ingesting data from multiple sources gathering, analyzing and processing the data for use. It optimizes assets and dynamically maintains and manages updates to these assets so training is directly linked to your data and is up-to-date.

IOt & Data integration

Track devices and processes digitally and effectively through data integration. IoT and Digital Twin technology for sensor and vibration monitoring.  This data can be displayed on the task itself or visualized on a 3D model of the equipment to provide an immersive display of real-time sensor data.

Image Categorization for AR object categorization and recognition and predictive AI. An application that allows collecting and categorizing serviced systems/equipment images for visualizing the maintenance procedure that was performed, for compliance reporting and for future use in artificial intelligence capabilities. 



Leverage the power of xAPI to track and analyze all types of learning experiences, providing valuable insights for personalized learning pathways and continuous performance improvement.

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