How to Plan Effective Remote B2B Meetings

Updated: Jan 22

In this age of social distancing, more and more companies are realizing the value of virtual events. Are remote B2B meetups effective? The answer is yes! In fact, remote B2B meetups can be even more effective than in-person events because they allow for more guests to attend without the drawbacks of travel, paying for accommodations, and being away from their own businesses which are still demanding their attention. Today, we will discuss how to plan effective remote B2B meetups that reach a broader audience.

Choose your audience

What is the purpose of your remote B2B meetups? Are you looking to speak with potential industry partners? Are you a manufacturer selling to distributors? Or are you gathering your in-force partners to update them on your latest products, services, and successes? Perhaps you need your remote B2B meetup to be a hybrid – one that engages your in-force partners and one that draws in new businesses to represent your brand.

Choosing your audience is the first step because this will drive how you set up your remote B2B meetups. Separate times and virtual rooms can be for in-force partners. Those same partners don’t need to attend sessions where you discuss products and services they already sell or represent. The last thing you want to do in any remote B2B meetup is fatigue your audience with unnecessary meetings. Virtual or not, a meeting is a meeting, and people only want to attend the meetings that apply to them.

Be engaging

Why sit in front of a web cam talking at your remote B2B meetup audience when you can make it a much more engaging and exciting experience? All the features of your in-person conferences can be duplicated in the virtual sphere. You can host from a stage, have live panels, leverage interactive presentations, include breakout rooms for discussions, and so much more. Work with a provider that customizes full scale digital events so you can present a leveled-up conference that gets the results you need.

Use one hosting platform

There are many different service providers for remote B2B meetups, but if you use too many, you’ll run into scheduling and technical issues. Imagine trying to host your main event but having to step away from the screen to talk to your breakout room host provider to get that room online. Or worse, if you have an outside application for your media presentation and it won’t upload onto the meeting hosting platform, you’ve given your B2B partners a very bad impression of your competence.

Virtual meetings, tradeshows, and conferences have many moving parts. Rely on one virtual hosting platform that handles everything, including your media presentations, breakout sessions, scheduling, interactive activities, registration, follow up, and more, to get the best results.

Distantly handles your remote B2B meetups from A-Z

Distantly knows how important it is to have flawless execution for your remote B2B meetups. With fun, engaging, interactive B2B meetups that are free of technical glitches and dead space downtime, you can attract a wider audience of global partners than ever before – all while saving time and money. Your meetup guests will appreciate the interactive events, and the ability to learn more about your company, without having to travel during the pandemic or spend money to send associates away from their work and families for days at a time.

Contact Distantly today for the remote B2B meetups that get results. We look forward to tailoring a custom experience for you.

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