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Modest Tree a Top Canadian Defence Company in 2022

Modest Tree, an industry leader in immersive digital twin, training and maintenance solutions is continuing to gain recognition for helping defence clients around the globe leverage digital technologies for force readiness. Modest Tree is pleased to announce that Canadian Defence Review (CDR) has ranked Modest Tree again in the top half of the Top 100 Defence Companies in Canada in 2022.

Canadian Defence Review (CDR), Canada's leading defence and military journal released the rankings this month which are based on factors such as economic impact, innovation, contribution to the nation’s security, and support of Canada’s military.

Modest Tree works with top-tier aerospace and defence clients providing them with immersive training and digital twin solutions to help organizations visualize their digital assets, operations, and processes which can be accessed through multiple digital platforms.

Over the past year Modest Tree has expanded its software and services offerings to support industry by increasing capabilities to create 3D training from enterprise technical manuals, connect IoT and condition-based monitoring data to a digital twin of an asset, deliver encrypted remote support for field service–and use Modest Tree’s Asset Pipeline software for data driven operations, streamlining data ingestion and ensuring data integrity for immersive digital twins.

“We are proud of being recognized as a leading innovator and digital solution provider in the Defence space, " said Emily Smits, CEO, Modest Tree. "This accomplishment reflects the hard work and dedication of our team who are committed to making Modest Tree a Canadian Leader in software solutions for Defence in the Digital Age."

Read full issue of CDR with Canada’s Top 100 Defence Companies here

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