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What is Augmented Reality?

Do you like science fiction movies where technology is superimposed over the real world? For example, when Iron Man flips down his helmet to see data about his surroundings? That’s augmented reality, and it’s no longer the stuff of fiction. Today, there is augmented reality for training, augmented reality for entertainment, and augmented reality for art. Let’s dive into this term and take a good look at what it means, and its many applications.

What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality is the superimposition of text, visuals, and even 3D models over existing environments. This is different from virtual reality, which is a digital world in which you interact. Augmented reality enhances your world, while virtual reality creates a different one. Augmented reality for training helps provide a stronger sensory experience and a more efficient learning environment. Augmented reality for entertainment shows up in movies and games like Pokémon Go. Augmented reality in art brings artwork and historic places to life.

Augmented reality for training

Augmented reality for training involves taking real-world situations and layering them with digital information. It is often used for high-risk industries or complex problem solving, where the trainee can literally immerse themselves in the “problem”; for example, a simulated crime scene where clues become more apparent when viewed through an app.

Augmented reality for entertainment

Pokémon Go took the world by storm in 2016, but it’s not the only augmented reality game out there. Neyon Clash and Temple Treasure Hunt are a couple of the many other app-based augmented games you can play. With the popularity of this tech, some companies are looking into augmented reality for training that includes game play for stronger trainee engagement.

Another fun way to experience augmented reality for training (such as home school) or for entertainment is to interact with Google Animals. When you search certain animals on Google, you get the option to meet them up close. Clicking this option provides instructions on how to move your phone until the animal appears in your room. You can have endless fun making a tiger walk beside your kitty, a horse roam your back yard, or a shark swim above your bed. The images are easily snapped with your phone’s camera.

Augmented reality for art

Augmented reality for art is best demonstrated through Google Arts & Culture. This app allows the viewer to “cast” an image of an artwork, museum hall, or site of historical significance by moving the phone in a downward motion in their room, then “walking through” the resulting image that appears via their phone. It’s a fun experience that can be combined with augmented reality for training as more post-secondary institutions move their courses online.

The ultimate sensory experience

The unique thing about augmented reality is that it doesn’t create a new world; it enhances the one you already live in. Whether you use augmented reality for training, entertainment, or to bring famous works of art directly into your home, you’ll always have a fun and rewarding experience.

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