What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is a term gaining in the popular lexicon, especially since the pandemic has challenged many people and businesses to connect in new yet meaningful ways. We often think of virtual reality as someone with a headset interacting with a digital world – but is this what it’s really all about? Today, we’ll take a closer look at virtual reality, and at how you can apply virtual reality for your business.

Virtual Reality in Automotive

Virtual reality history

The history of virtual realty actually predates the digital age. Back in the 1800s, when the stereoscope was invented (you know it today as the View-Master™), people could peer into a device to see a slice of life, frozen in time. It was a natural progression for people to start thinking of how to interact with manufactured images, making them feel like they had stepped into a painting, a story, or a movie. What came next were simulations where sensory input (visuals, vibrations, smells, etc.) allowed people to deeply immerse in entertainment experiences. The Telesphere Mask was patented in the 1960s, becoming the early iteration of VR headsets like today’s Oculus Quest. Now, virtual reality is present not only in the entertainment world; there are also plenty of applications for virtual reality for your business.

What defines virtual reality?

The definition of virtual reality depends on who you ask. In the early days, it was photographs. As technology progressed, it was moving pictures. Virtual reality is any time a person can interact on a sensory level with a simulated environment. As technology progresses, this level of sensory input changes. The View-Master™ requires holding up the device and pushing a lever with your finger. At the time, it was a technological marvel. The Oculus Quest projects a sensory image that you can step into and interact with in real time using hand tracking. When it comes to virtual reality for your business, this latter tech is extremely important.

Why virtual reality for business?

The world is full of dangerous and important jobs that require a high level of hands-on training, but zero margin for error. A surgeon cannot simply practice on a live human until they get the procedure right. A pilot does not step into a plane and hope for the best. Virtual reality for your business is a game changer in that it allows employees and students to step into a training environment where mistakes can be made without risk to trainers, trainees, and equipment.

Virtual reality for your business is not limited to the medical or aviation field, either. Custom VR experiences can be created for training in crime scene investigation, buried utility exploration, and the operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting complex manufactured equipment, for example. Items can be broken down and shown in virtual reality, allowing trainees to “walk” around components of tanks, large pieces of equipment, or weapons; show operations of connected systems; or even experience and the geography of an unfamiliar landscape during procedural training. The applications for virtual reality for your business are vast.

Partner with a virtual reality expert

Virtual reality provides the ability to interact with a manufactured environment. The more senses involved, the stronger the correlation and the better the experience. Modest Tree is on the cutting edge of customizing virtual reality simulations for your business. We work with a variety of industries, from defense to automotive, from aviation to law enforcement, and more, all to give your team the hands-on experience they need in the safest possible environment.

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