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Xplorer for Digital Twin creation for sales demonstrations & training

Whether you are looking for an interactive product assembly that you can share with clients remotely, a virtual training you can guide your prospective clients through, or a way to allow clients to interact with complex products remotely or in person , Xplorer is the leading tool for allowing you to create the XR Platform you need, quickly, easily, and with the level of immersion and interactivity you need delivered to any device and in any format (VR, AR, immersive 2D, and more).

Exhibitor Package

Xplorer is tackling the unique challenges that come with trade show demonstrations. With Xplorer’s intuitive features and digital twin capabilities, exhibitors no longer need to worry about transporting expensive, cumbersome equipment to various trade show destinations. You can easily create and present your products in the comfort and safety of Xplorer’s Virtual Reality environment. Be a part of the future of experiential marketing that leverages immersive experiences and digital twin technology to give your clients a demonstration that will leave a lasting impression. The process is simple; we use a digital model of your product and convert it into a precise digital twin and create an immersive virtual reality experience that you can take on the road and share with your prospective clients.

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Digital Twin

We will create a digital twin of your physical product that perfectly replicates all of the physical features of your product with only a few exceptions; it won’t weigh a ton, you won’t need to organize logistics, and you don’t need to worry about loss of property as the model is stored securely in Xplorer’s virtual reality environment. With Xplorer’s Exhibitor Package you will have more time to focus on clients and spend less time worrying about your demonstration.

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Multiplatform Access

Xplorer’s multiplatform compatibility means you can demonstrate your models on all devices. You do not need to worry about transporting special equipment to ensure you have a note-worthy demonstration. Potential clients can access your demonstration from their mobile devices or PC’s, or they can take in the full immersive experience within virtual reality. Prospective clients that can’t make it to the event can still participate in your demonstration in real-time, on any device. Secure storage on Xplorer’s servers means your digital twin is accessible anywhere in the world!

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Experiential Marketing

Don’t just show clients what your company can do, let them experience it with the Xplorer Trade Show package. Designing a 100% true to physical form digital twin of your products means clients can witness exactly how it performs under the circumstances for which it was designed. In virtual reality, the details are precise with a wide range of operations, so your future clients can get the full experience of what your products can do.