Modest Tree Joins AR/VR Enterprise Partnership with Oculus Via Oculus ISV Program

Halifax, Canada, September 30, 2020 – Oculus is partnering with leading VR software developers to provide the best VR solutions to companies, institutions, and governments around the world, and Modest Tree, a global software development company specializing in immersive technologies, including augmented and virtual reality simulations and training, has been selected as an Oculus ISV Program member.

The Oculus Independent Software Vendors (ISV) Program engages select enterprise developers and software companies in order to accelerate the enterprise adoption of VR solutions. It’s an important step in what is being termed “the Immersive (R)evolution,” where VR technologies are becoming a more critical part of day-to-day enterprise operations, from remote collaboration to immersive training delivery.

The ISV Program seeks qualified developers who have designed, developed, and deployed innovative enterprise VR applications that use the Oculus VR headset to increase productivity, learning effectiveness, collaboration, and remote work, and who have implemented at least one VR application for a Fortune 2000 company.

Modest Tree was selected for the Oculus ISV Program as a result of their focus on leveraging innovative immersive technologies to provide remote 3D VR, AR, and XR training experiences and sales visualizations to enterprise clients in the manufacturing, defence, and automotive industries.

“We’re excited about the progress we’ve seen so far. The enterprise VR market is rapidly evolving, and we believe the Oculus ISV ecosystem is helping drive that momentum.”

A Representative from Oculus VR

“Joining Oculus’s ISV Program will allow Modest Tree to accelerate the deployment of effective VR and AR solutions to our enterprise clients. By doing so, we can help them better transform their businesses and boost their ROI with more effective training and marketing content, giving them a competitive advantage within their enterprise market.”

Modest Tree Founder and CEO, Sam Sannandeji.

About Modest Tree

An award-winning modeling, training, and simulation company, Modest Tree uses innovative software to provide rapid development and streamlined delivery of 3D immersive training and client engagement solutions. Modest Tree’s award-winning software is used internationally by OEMs and defence leaders to enable remote collaboration from any device.

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About Oculus VR

Oculus VR is a brand of Facebook Technologies, LLC, a subsidiary of Facebook Inc. The division produces virtual reality headsets, including the Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest lines.

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