Top 2022 VR/AR Trends: Enterprise AR & VR

20+ industry experts share why the emerging metaverse will be transformative for the XR industry

As the industry considers XR technologies they are looking beyond singular use cases. XR is moving from an innovative project role to a strategic enabler and forming part of long-term strategy discussions in the boardroom.

XR has the potential to provide new business opportunities and efficiencies for organizations, including in the industrial workplace for design review, operational and maintenance training, and for frontline worker support.

We are seeing clients deploy XR technology to connect workers and to transform the way they

deliver technical training. Many global industrial firms who are accustomed to in-person and

classroom training and are now formulating strategies on how XR technologies, delivered on various platforms (mobile-AR, headset AR, VR) will evolve their delivery methods and business models. The use of XR across industry is transforming from an exploratory proof of concept to a strategy.

Businesses with technical training are accelerating immersive training adoption as a differentiator, deploying their training globally while providing the engaging training that is being demanded by the workforce.

Top concerns within the industry are in future-proofing investments in technology and security. To ensure investments and organizational efforts have a strong ROI, enterprises will need an

infrastructure and software that enables them to scale. As part of the infrastructure, interoperability, security and leveraging data are key.

Interoperability of solutions becomes necessary to scale XR transformation and to fully incorporate technologies into the operations where they are most effective. Leveraging XR for business strategy begins with leveraging data. XR technologies need data as the foundation for their effective use. It is imperative to deploy software systems with proven security measures to safeguard user data, interactions, and processes.

Companies that will thrive will focus on how XR solutions utilize data, work with different data

structures, operate directly within the enterprise framework and ensure the security of data is

considered and managed.

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